Tuesday, August 30, 2011

INSECTS&BONES Spring/Summer 2012

For its first collection, DU Manille wants to pay tribute to fearless individuals who are self-confident, and who are not afraid to strip themselves to the bone. So why is it called Insects&Bones?

‘Bones’ is one half of the ‘Insects & Bones’ theme, which stands for the act of expressing one-self without fear of judgment. ‘Insects’ on the other hand, is a standing metaphor for fear and disgust—the default reaction to those who dared to challenge conventions and norms. Together, the two merges the two significant points that represent the people that DU Manille typifies.

With revealing cuts and silhouettes that flatter the body, this collection underlines and accentuates the audacity of any wearer’s character, adding to it some edge. DU Manille launches a collection composed of various white tops with minimal prints, as well as black tops with an assortment of cutouts, which all aptly coincides with the label’s design aesthetics.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DU Manille Spring/Summer 2012 Online Launch - AUG. 30 | 8:30PM

In the belief that fashion is a conglomeration of a person’s individuality—that it mirrors our inner thinking and philosophy; three individuals who shares the same passion, vision and aesthetic for the arts created DU Manille.
DU Manille is a free-spirited, Manila-based label that dares to divert itself from fashion’s current hipster trend and everyday casual basics, and presents itself as classic and comfortably stylish. Utilizing modern silhouettes without sacrificing wearability, the brand offers a diversity of clothing that transcends gender highlighted fashions.
The brand’s moniker derives its roots from two varied worlds: the German pronoun “du,” which means “you” and “Manille,” imbibing that spirit that is uniquely Filipino. Du Manille is a fashion brand that serves as an act of celebrating three individuals’ shared aesthetics and vision. The creation of this label by those three—an Events Manager/Model, a PR Associate/Writer, and a former Magazine Editor/Fashion Photographer—is the bringing forth of, not just inspiration, but true passion for the arts.
By the end of this month—August 30, 2011—DU Manille would like you to witness the unveiling of its all-original collection, Insects&Bones S/S 2012, via our online store www.dumanilleclothing.blogspot.com. We would also like to invite you to visit and like our Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/dumanille to keep yourselves posted on what’s about to come in our shelves.
Below is a short video of the people behind the brand sharing how DU Manille came to life. Check it out to have a brief idea on what is DU Manille, its history and its core.

Behind the Brand: DU Manille
from DU Manille on Vimeo.